Certificates and awards

The high quality of our services is confirmed by got quality certificates.
Since 2005 we have ISO 9001:2001 (actually ISO 9001:2009)  certificate confirming compliance with the required standards:


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- Our services in the field of automatic and manual SMD assembly.
- A comprehensive logistics service in the supply of electronic sub-assemblies.  
- Design, production and the distribution of electronic devices, including energy-saving light sources.
- Business activities.
We have possessed the IQNET certificate within the quality management since 2005 year

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In 2006 year we jointed to the respectable team of Business Gazelles, dynamically developing Polish firms, which can be proud of a permanent and long-lasting growth of sale of their products or services and are appreciated as credible business partners.


In 2006 year we were a prize-winner of the Exporter of 2006 Year for the Export HIT – control modules for industrial coffee machines.

In February 2010, LARS, was awarded 1st prize for the best product of the International Fair ŚWIATŁO 2010 in the category of LED’s and their applications: with the product line of energy saving LED lamps ESSE LEDSENA and received 2nd prize from the Ministry of Economy in the competition for the most innovative product or technology, presented at the Fair with the “Intelligent LED Street Lamp "
Please visit the website http://www.lightfair.pl.

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