LED Street lighting

We are pleased to inform you that the lamp STREETSENA received 2nd prize from the Ministry of Economy in the competition for the most innovative product or technology, presented at the XVIII International Lighting Fair 2010 Światło, with the “Intelligent LED Street Lamp".

1. The role of street lighting.
2. Existing solutions.
3. Inteligent street lamps, ESSE.
         a. Adaptation advantages and benefits.
         b. Warranty and Service.
         c. Available configurations. 
4. Lamp control systems.
5. Why invest in street lamps ESSE STREET LIGHT.

The role of street lighting

The primary task of street lighting is to point the way during the night, when we are unable to take advantage of natural sunlight.

Properly selected street lighting allows for the highlighting of historical and architectural qualities of cities, contributing to tone and prestige.

Light sources applied in road and street lighting should portray high energy efficiency, durability and stability of the working parameters throughout their service period, and the quality associated with the appropriate colour of light emitted.

Designing the lighting should also take into account the costs associated with its utilisation and the savings offered by modern production technology for the construction of light sources. Energy saving lighting is an extremely important issue of our planetary resource management and has a direct impact on reducing CO2 emissions in to the atmosphere.

Under the EU legislation and the recommendations of the European Parliament and European Council, Poland as a member state will have to reduce electricity consumption up to a minimum of 20% by 2020.

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Street lighting – the specifics of existing solutions

The Polish market for street lighting bases itself on the functioning of nearly 3 million streetlights. Investments in the construction of street lighting followed in differing periods, dependent on the development of cities and municipalities throughout the country.

In respect to this, a large proportion of street lighting is based on outdated technology lamps with incredibly high energy absorption in relation to the latest generation of lamps. We all know the effect of distorting the colours of illuminated areas, lamp lights flickering and situations when not all the lights are lit, be it due to breakdowns or the need for lighting energy-saving all at the expense of traffic safety on the streets.

Investment in the lighting infrastructure, were implemented at the same time as the construction of new streets in the vicinity of buildings, but was limited to the scope and extent depending on the budgetary resources available for the relevant bodies and local authorities.

Our streets are dominated mainly by mercury vapour and sodium lamps. Their primary advantage being a relatively low unit purchase cost.

Deciding on specific solutions should not only be considered on the basis of the purchase price per unit, but also the tangible benefits resulting from the nature and possibilities of the modern generation of lamps.

Intelligent street lamps ESSE STREET LIGHT

Using our over 25 years’ experience we made an effort to meet the energy saving and environmental protection requirements and created a family of intelligent LED street lamp – ESSE STREET LIGHT equipped with an integrated remote control system.

The saving expectation level can not be achieved through the change to an energy-saving light source alone. The essence of maximising efficient use of light clusters is the ability to manage all the functions online.

STREETSENA – innovative series of street lamps ESSE STREET LIGHT

Through the virtue of new technology, the lamp has a long lifetime, enormous energy savings and high reliability, which markedly reduces operating costs.

Our lamp is an alternative to the traditional street fixture based on mercury, sodium or metal halide light bulbs. Replacing the traditional lighting with the energy-saving LED’s has reduced the power consumption many times over and secured a light source with durability in excess of 50 000 hours.

Proving to be an excellent solution for the modern lighting in urban areas. 

In view of the European Union promoting energy-efficient technology and offering the possibility of subsidies for the modernization and construction of safe and economical lighting, STREETSENA is ideal for cities and those investors who are looking for the savings on energy supply. 

ESSE STREET LIGHT Lamps are not an expense but an investment in a better future.

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Adaptation advantages and benefits

Energy saving and environmentally friendly

The application of the newest generation of LEDs and top quality materials enabled us to obtain a light source of the lifetime of 50 000 hours enabling you to save up 80% of energy compared to the energy consumption of conventional light source.

Streetsena was designed out of concern for the environment of our planet. The achieved energy saving helps to reduce CO2  emissions.

Adapting our lamps eliminates the problem of their disposal after their operating period has expired, for they are classified as electronic equipment and after use can easily be disposed of. ESSE STREET LIGHT Lamps do not contain harmful chemical and physical substances. They do not emit harmful UV and infrared radiation and do not contribute to global warming. 

Full modularity of LED lighting and power supply modules

A unique design, where dependent on the required lamp power and the quantity of lighting modules mounted, offer a range from 1 to 4 power supply modules (2 lighting modules accounts for one power unit). Failure of one of the power supply modules does not stop the operation of the lamp, it only requires replacement. The competition offers solutions where the power system and electronics are contained in a common module in the fitting. Any failure of the power supply makes further operation of the lamp impossible. Our modules are constructed in an innovative way so that any failure of an individual component of the LED lighting, allows for the lighting unit to continue working.

Optimal construction and modern design

ESSE STREET LIGHT lamps set new design standards while remaining fully functional. Very easy installation and removal of modules without removing the light mounting (limited number of screws, easy access and an instant replacement) allows for the reduction of lamp maintenance costs.

Compatibility with existing lamp post fittings thus lamp posts need not be replaced.

A modern lamp bracket is incorporated in the lamp and the adjustment of which, guarantees the freedom of the light angle to illuminate the required surface, at the same time acquiring the expected spread of lighting.

The integration of all functional modules including communications in the lamp housing of the ESSE STREET LIGHT eliminates the need for creating additional and costly infrastructures.

Adjustment of lighting power to individual design

ESSE STREET LIGHT lamps ensure gradual and optimal adjustment of the momentary lighting power to the lamp’s rated power, enabling lighting designers for the first time to freely adjust the lighting power parameters to the specific requirements of the illuminated area.

Better visibility and safer streets

Owing to the high lighting efficiency and true colour rendition ESSE STREET LIGHT lamps provide drivers more comfort and better visibility of persons and objects on the streers.

Top quality for affordable price

Using our experience in designing and manufacturing technologically advanced products of applied electronics while applying top quality sub-assemblies of world manufacturers, we managed to create a perfect product for an affordable price.

Warranty and Service

Intelligent ESSE STREET LIGHT lamps are an orginal project of our company. Using our technical means we are able to offer you long-term cooperation and professional sale and post-sale-services.

Manufacture of lamps In Poland provides the flexibility in the supply of service parts as well as supporting the maintenance of full functionality of lamps for many years.

For the needs of our customers we maintain a permanent stock of spare parts for our lamps, thanks to which we are able to guarantee delivery within 48 hrs.

Information on the demand of spare parts is generated by the IT system controlling the lighting division. On the basis of current production the system estimates the risks of potential failures and the need for replacements in advance, which effectively manages the overall service budget.

Product comes with three-year warranty of the manufacturer.

Available Configurations


Depending on the required level of light intensity and the specific installation site, we offer the following STREETSENA lamp models of the ESSE STREET LIGHT series: for street lighting with the power rating of:

  • Light power of 56 W, 2 LED modules, 1 power unit.
  • Light power of 112 W, 4 LED modules, 2 power modules.
  • Light power of 168 W, 6 LED modules, 3 power modules.
  • Light power of 224 W, 8 LED modules, 4 power modules. 


Parameter SL  56 SL  112 SL 168 SL  224
Number of lighting modules 2 4 6 8
Number of power supply modules 1 2 3 4
Number of LEDs 48 96 144 192
LEDs diode P4 Seoul Semiconductor/ CREE CHIP
Rated power supply voltage 230 V AC
Permissible change range of power supply voltage 195-265 V AC
Input voltage frequency 50Hz (+/-5%)    
Power consumption (power supply + LED) 62,4 W 124,8 W 187,2 W 249,6 W
Luminous flux (ambient temperature 25°C) 4000 lm 8000 lm 12000 lm 16000 lm
Lamp’s light efficiency (ambient temperature 25°C) 64 lm/W
Colour temperature 6700 K
Colour rendition index >75 RA
Lifetime at continuous operation
(ambient temperature 25°C)
50 000 h
Protection class IP 65
Range of operation temperatures from -25 OC to +50 OC
Lighting fitting angle adjustment yes
Mounting type compatible with the generally applied lightcolumns
Casing aluminium



We invite you to download the file devoted to LED street lamps (click).

Lighting management system integrated with the lamp

We invite you to the section devoted to lighting management system (click).

Why is it worth investing in street lamps ESSE STREET LIGHT

The purchase costs of our modern lamps have a return several times over due to long life, energy saving and an extremely low failure rate.

Please note that the ESSE STREET LIGHT lamp is not an expense, but an excellent investment.

Adaptation of the LED elements addresses lower power consumption, high light output and the true colour rendition of the illuminated area, which greatly increases safety on the roads and streets.

Utilising LED technology has a positive impact on the environment by reducing CO2  emissions, saving electrical energy, and the possibility of recycling all of the light source components.

Investments in highly efficient and intelligent lights ESSSE STREET LIGHT harmonises ideally with many available EU programs for the period 2007-2013, where energy saving and environmental factors play a major role.

ESSE STREET LIGHT Lamps is not an expense but an investment in a better future.

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