LED lamps are becoming to be an alternative to the existing technology used in designing and upgrading lighting and take full advantage of the most advanced and most modern method of manufacturing a light - LED technology.

The operation of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is based on recombination of charge-carriers. This phenomenon takes place in the crystal of the semi-conductor when the electrons change from a higher energy level to a lower one. During this change the electron’s energy is transformed into a quantum of electromagnetic radiation, i.e. into light. Owing to their exceptional durability and energy saving LEDs are more and more often applied in general lighting.

LED technology is revolutionizing the market of light, setting new trends in the fittings design and uncovering solutions which previously were inaccessible to LED functionality, at the same time creating new values in the field of lighting.

In our hands, thanks to the knowledge and applied technologies, the light acquires remarkable vividness, strength and the functionality meeting the expectations and the needs of even the most demanding of customers.
LED lighting technology, is only now becoming popular, and already seems to be irreplaceable.
Benefits of LED lighting:
• Long service life - up to 50 000 hours at full intensity
• Low energy consumption - enables you to achieve up to 80% savings
• Minimal maintenance costs due to the lack of need to replace the light source for 10 years
 • Emitting true colours of the surroundings ( Ra > 75)
• Increase the attractiveness of the illuminated area due to the high light quality and modern design of fixtures
• Durable - resistant to shock and damage with the elimination of glass and the use of modern materials
• Tolerates voltage fluctuations - 20% without affecting the brightness and life span of the light
• Positive impact on the natural environment
• No harmful elements like lead and mercury
 • Easy and cost-effective re-utilization of the light elements after its useful life
• No infrared (IR) or ultraviolet radiation (UV) 
• Significant reduction in CO2 emissions 
• Eliminates the irritating flickering effect
• Electrostatic effects are eliminated by the materials used and low voltage LED supply - precludes the accumulation of dust on the fittings.

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